:: Meet Marty ::

Marty Weishaar, LGPC, LGPAT, ATR-P

LGP8396 Maryland

{Currently, accepting Monday evening clients}

Marty received his MA in art therapy from the George Washington University in 2017. During his time at the George Washington University he had a year long internship at Sheppard Pratt Hospital and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.   

Marty is currently a Licensed Graduate Professional Art Therapist and Licensed Graduate Counseling Professional in the state of Maryland.  He is currently under clinical LG supervision with Julie Kotler, MA, LCPC, LCPAT, ATR-BCL CPC# MD4565, LCPATC005, ATR-BC# 11-146. 


Marty first received a BFA in studio art from Alfred University in 2005 and a MFA from the American University in 2007.  Marty has been a resident in Baltimore since 2007 where he has taught middle school and high school art for 6 years while also being a professional artist.


A few words from Marty:

When I look inwards and examine what is at stake for me each and every day, I am often presented with a dilemma of how I am going to meet my needs and work for the things that I want.  I can become side tracked, overwhelmed, lose focus, and at times reexamine if the thing that I am working for, is even the thing that I want.

Does this sound familiar? 

I find that work - life balance is something that continues to evolve.  Changing life stressors including marriage, financials, personal enjoyments, and occupational investment create the opportunity to become run down and dishearten.

I expect my thoughts and emotions will ebb and flow whether I want them to or not.  The result can be an emotional response that causes satisfaction and delight, anger and sadness.  It them becomes important for me to take the time for personal growth through advanced education, career change and strengthening my physical body.

How do you ebb and flow through life? 

I share my experiences with you, because I believe that all of use share a collective understanding of how thoughts and emotions lead to life altering responses. 

I am here to help you navigate your response.  

My theoretical perspectives include existential, attachment, person-centered, creative expressions and psychodynamic. 

During our sessions: 

  • We will discuss your ultimate concerns
  • Explore how you relate to your everyday world, others and yourself
  • What we can learn from the strengths that you already posses 

If you are looking for

c r e a t i v e  +  c o n n e c t i v e

solutions to help you navigate through YOUR ebbs and flows of life, reach out.


Monday evenings. Fee: $80 / 50-minute sessions 

To schedule with Marty -- Please call Marty directly at  (518) 241-4647