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As we are wounded in relationship(s), so we are healed in relationship(s).

Group psychotherapy is a highly effective form of therapy. A small number of individuals meet weekly, under the guidance of Susan Stork, LCPC, OR led by Susan -- to explore problems and concerns and to learn from each other.

Group therapy provides the opportunity to learn about and experience yourself in a SAFE interpersonal setting.

You will better understand healthy and unhealthy relational patterns, identify personal strengths and wisdom, decrease feelings of shame, isolation and loneliness, and improve interpersonal relationships.

Group Confidentiality

One of the most important aspects of group therapy is the trust that is built between members. Each member must be prepared to make a commitment of confidentiality and respect for each of their fellow members. Depending on the group, some other commitments might include agreeing to come for a minimum number of sessions, coming to every group meeting or informing group facilitators should you have to miss a group.

As in any relationship, the development of trust, cohesion, and a sense of safety allows people to talk personally and honestly.


Neurodiversity in Baltimore 

At Space Between Counseling Services, we understand that being on the autism spectrum is not your entire identity, but an integral part of your being that impacts various facets of your life. This group, which will be comprised of adults who are on the spectrum or identify as neurodiverse, is designed to help members explore everyday problems and their solutions.    

Photo by  Sheldon Nune s via Unsplash

Photo by Sheldon Nunes via Unsplash


Any complex skill, especially relational work, requires instruction and lots of practice AND feedback. Without feedback, it's easy to end up rehearsing errors rather than skills.  This group setting will allow you to both practice skills and receive feedback in real time while in the presence of members who may understand your unique systems for interacting in our world.

It’s inexplicably challenging to live in a world with people whose brains develop and function differently than yours.  You’re forced to interpret and exhibit the norms of neurotypical conduct while developing and maintaining your own unique systems for interacting in our world.  

Neurodiversity. It’s not a term that rolls off the tongue easily but it’s a concept where neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation.”

-Karen Higgenbottom

Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  via Unsplash

Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

During the group, we will focus on a variety of topics and skills including:

How to communicate effectively

Identifying and leveraging common interests by exchanging information

Using humor in social settings

Entering and exiting conversations with peers

Using use electronic means of communication

How to recognize & manage emotional states - like shame and discomfort

managing arguments and disagreements

Communicating your feelings & emotional states to others

How to Build & Maintain healthy & mutual Relationships

engaging (or intentionally not engaging) in romantic relationships

choosing & facilitating friendships

planing and hosting get-togethers

This intimate group is limited to five participants. The group will be led by Susan Stork, LCPC. Potential members will be required to attend a 45-minute initial individual intake session that ensures therapeutic and group fit.

 wednesdays 11:30Am - 1:00Pm

September 11th - september 18th - september 25th - october 9th


$50 per 90-minute group session (4 total group sessions - a total of $200)

Interested in learning more about this group or scheduling a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation? Please visit our consultation scheduling link.

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This group is currently closed

contact 443-863-8670 to be added to our next group waitlist

The Empowered Flock 

Be more
Connected * Creative * Courageous

Be more
Healed * Authentic * Empowered

Be more


Relationships. Family. Work. Self care. There’s so much to do every day… How are you really feeling in the midst of all that hustle?

As women, we’re asked to be so many thing to so many people. As we try to make a livelihood, care for others, and make the world a slightly better place, we ask so much of ourselves too.

You get the to the point where you feel overextended, unseen, and isolated by your own stress.

And that’s why it can be so helpful to gather with a group of women dedicated to the same things you are… Being at peace with the past. Maintaining healthy relationships. Finding the courage to be who you really are.

The Empowered Flock, a new women’s Baltimore Women’s Group.

This interpersonal therapy group for women is intended to help you connect to your own vision of empowerment. You’ll be invited to find new ways to:

• embrace reality (even if it’s uncomfortable) 
• solve problems
• accept yourself and others
• feel courageous.
• be more spontaneous and creative

This intimate group is limited to seven participants. It is facilitated by Noelle Benach + Susan Stork, LCPC, NCC, & Interns at the Space Between Counseling Services office, located at: 1501 Sulgrave Ave. Suite 200 A, Baltimore, Maryland 21209 .



$50 for a 45-minutes initial individual intake session that ensures you’re a fit for the group and helps us get to know you and your story

$50/ group session (a total of $350).

Save $50 when you pay for the entire program in advance (a total of $300).

Have questions? Please contact Noelle: (443) 863-8670 or NOELLE@SPACEBETWEENCOUNSELINGSERVICES.COM