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Marty Weishaar, LGPC, LGPAT, ATR-P

LGP8396 Maryland


Currently, accepting NEW CLIENTS

Monday Evenings:  3 pm - 9pm

** STARTING NOVEMBER 8th - February 2019

Friday 7 am - 11 am

Marty received his MA in art therapy from the George Washington University in 2017. During his time at the George Washington University he had a year long internship at Sheppard Pratt Hospital and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.   

Marty is currently a Licensed Graduate Professional Art Therapist and Licensed Graduate Counseling Professional in the state of Maryland.  He is currently under clinical LG supervision with Julie Kotler, MA, LCPC, LCPAT, ATR-BCL CPC# MD4565, LCPATC005, ATR-BC# 11-146. 

Marty first received a BFA in studio art from Alfred University in 2005 and a MFA from the American University in 2007.  Marty has been a resident in Baltimore since 2007 where he has taught middle school and high school art for 6 years while also being a professional artist.


A Few Words from Marty:

Fulfillment comes to me through many dynamic outlets.  I have been a Baltimore-based artist for over a decade.  I enjoy exhibiting my work both locally and nationally. Through play, invention, and abstraction I comment on materiality, industrialization, and modernism.  I am also an avid athlete and ultra-marathoner. I seek control and strength through overcoming physical obstacles utilizing mindfulness-based practices and sheer determination.       

Holistic treatment methods are incredibly valuable and often successful. Nutrition and diet can become a non-pharmacological means to regulating emotional distress and fatigue. As a vegan I have personally experienced the direct impact of nutrition, not only on my performance as an athlete, but also the impact healthy eating has on my thoughts and emotions.  

I truly value the sense of community that I have found within Baltimore.  As an urban dweller, I love to find new restaurants, galleries, and hip green spaces to enjoy with my wife.  I’ve found that I have been able to enrich my mind, body and spirit as I increase my connectedness within my community.  

BALANCING modern life

Work - life balance is something that continues to evolve.  Changing life stressors including marriage, financials, personal enjoyments, and occupational investment create the opportunity to become run down and dishearten.

Our thoughts and emotions will ebb and flow whether we want them to or not.  The result can be an emotional response that causes satisfaction and delight, anger and sadness.  It then becomes important to take the time for personal growth through therapeutic services, advanced education, career changes and the act of strengthening our physical bodies.

While working together, I am open to sharing my personal experiences with you because I believe that all of us share a collective understanding of how thoughts and emotions lead to life altering responses. 

I am here to help you navigate your response.  

My theoretical perspectives include existential, attachment, person-centered, creative expressions and psychodynamic. 

During our sessions: 

  • We will discuss your ultimate concerns

  • Explore how you relate to your everyday world, others and yourself

  • What we can learn from the strengths that you already posses

If you are looking for

c r e a t i v e  +  c o n n e c t i v e

solutions to help you navigate through YOUR ebbs and flows of life, reach out.

couples work with marty

A lack of communication often results in the failure of coupleship. Couples often find themselves in an unpleasant state as a result of a combination of various reasons including: poor or mismanaged work-life balance, avoiding tough conversations, over focus on other elements such as children, drugs or alcohol and more.  

During therapy, together we can seek to understand why the lines of communication have blurred or stopped completely, and then reconstruct a new path towards a healthy, accountable and accepting relationship.  My approach to couples’ therapy involves Relation Life Therapy. Through this treatment modality, I become a fellow traveler with you on your journey to stable coupleship.  My aim is to empower couples, provide education for improving intimacy, assist in developing communication skills, and enforce accountability.  I strive to arm couples with lasting skills and communication methods that will aid the development of their relationship long after our final session together.   

individual + Couples work with marty

As an attachment-based therapist, I look to understand how individuals form meaningful relationships.  I specialize in working with clients who suffer from depression, anxiety and trauma related disorders.  Together, we can work to discover underlying issues and then focus on developing skills that may improve the overall quality of your life.

Sometimes people can find therapy to be difficult and uncomfortable.  This can definitely be true.  I understand that confronting our problems, fears and innermost secrets can be anxiety provoking.  That’s why I seek to create a safe, non-judgmental place in which we can explore your concerns together and then facilitate healing and growth.


Currently, accepting NEW CLIENTS

Monday Evenings:  3 pm - 9pm

** STARTING NOVEMBER 8th - February 2019

Friday 7 am - 11 am


Individual Fee: $100 / 50-minute  sessions

Couples Fee: $150 / 90-minute sessions  

To schedule with Marty -- Please call Marty directly at  (518) 241-4647 or email