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The road to wellness begins in the mind; but this is not a journey you have to face alone.

We help clients to:

Develop self awareness, self-compassion and self-esteem

Release and regulate emotion

Break free of addictive patterns

Process resentment and trauma

Reduce stress and worry

Develop a growth oriented mindset

Develop personal boundaries 

Feel connected to yourself and others in a meaningful way

Develop great relationships and relational freedom

Deal with problems directly

Some questions to reflect on: 

Do you want to let go and enjoy life?

Do you experience feelings of depression, anxiety, stress or low self-esteem? 

Do you want to feel more alive and connected in your relationships?

Do you have concerns that you are dealing with stress or challenges in ways that don't serve you? 

Do you have a history of abuse, trauma, family or relationship problems and do you want to heal and move forward? 

Do you want to stop chasing perfection and start loving who you really are? 

Do you worry that your relationship with alcohol, drugs, sex, work or food may be causing problems in your life?

Do you want to step more fully into your power, beauty and creativity?

Do you want to cultivate curiosity, gratitude and peace of mind?