- KIND Words - 

See what people are saying about the counselors at SBCS through these unsolicited client/professional kind words and praise.

"Susan has been a great mentor to me, as my supervisor for my practicum/internship experience. 

She teaches by modeling genuine care and understanding of her clients. She demonstrates competency, ethicality, & professionalism. She is both organized and timely. 

As a supervisor, she is patient, yet intentional. She has given me the freedom to pursue my specific counseling interests, all while supporting me through careful collaboration. She provides necessary feedback, and always challenges me to explore ideas further that have helped me develop as a counselor-in-training. Our interactions always result in me feeling more confident and competent.

I aspire to become the type of counselor Susan is. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn with and through her. 

I would undoubtedly recommend her services to family, friends & anyone seeking counseling."

“There are people that enter your life and make a significant impact. My supervisor @space_between_counseling has done just that. She has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a clinician. She has shown me patience, assertiveness, and the importance of self-care. To have a supervisor care about you as a person more so than a clinician is an amazing feeling. Thank you Susan for being a great mentor early on in my career...and for the hilarious things you say.”

"Very engaging and compassionate counselor.

I always look forward to our weekly sessions. Susan has personally helped me gain control over my anxiety issues. 

One of the reasons her therapy works so well for me is because she helps develop new ways of thinking by changing negative thinking patterns. I would strongly recommend her to all 20 something's struggling with their life purpose or anyone in need of life advice and/or relationship guidance."

" Susan is wonderful with my teenage son who has ADHD. Medicine can only do so much because there is no cure for it. With ADHD, there are also behavioral challenges, etc. to address and work through. 

I'm thankful my son has her to speak to each week because ADHD is hard enough and without adding the typical teenager struggles. He doesn't feel comfortable with many people besides us but he really feels Susan helps him each week and from his behavior improvement, I do as well."

" Susan is amazing. She transitioned from her career in the school system to become a full-time therapist. As an intern or LG,  I think you would really enjoy and benefit from the experience of working with Susan Stork, LCPC."

 "(Susan) has helped me to bring forward MANY positive changes into my life in the last few months, and I credit this to working with her. The difference in how I show up in the world is noticeable to myself, my work and family + friends."

"My ex-girlfriend asked me the other day "what happened to you?"".

"YOU are SO different - in a GOOD way!"

"I told her that I was in therapy and I am working on my STUFF.  Susan doesn't own a magic wand but at times after session I feel as if I DO.

I have so much more control of my impulses and self-sabotaging after working with Susan for a few years."

"Susan is someone who invests in continued education (training, personal reading, and a multitude of other things) to stay on top of her work. When I give people her number, I am confident they will be in good hands."