Premarital/Pre-Commitment Couples Therapy




Premarital or Pre-comittment couples counseling is a great resource for strengthening the foundation of your relationship, so that it can continue to be build upon for many years to come. By fortifying your relationship, you not only strengthen it for today's modern challenges, but also create metaphorical insurance for future trials that you may face.

Perhaps you are recently engaged, or are finding yourselves longing to move the relationship forward in a different sense.  Perchance you’re ready to take the plunge and move in with one another, or maybe you’ve been co-habitating for some time already.  regardless, pre-comittment & premarital couples therapy can facilitate lasting change and vigor.

Premarital / Pre-comittment Couples Work

Your work in couples therapy will always be customized to fit your unique needs as couple. Some popular topics that clients often work through in pre-comittment and premarital couples work include:

  • Secure Functioning:  How can you stay connected and committed to one another?

  • Modern Cohabitation: Living together for the first time.

  • Marriage: What does it mean to you? How does this alter your relationship?

  • Merging Families: How to manage boundaries & relationships with your new in-laws.

  • Traditions: How can you effectively merge new and old traditions? Which ones no longer serve you?

  • Identifying & Managing Thirds: What comes in between your relationship?

  • Communication and conflict resolution:  How to fight well and resolve difficulties that will arise in your relationship 

  • Intimacy and Sex: Two separate, yet very intertwined concepts. Closeness. Sexual health. Desire.

  • Finances: How do you conceptualize your money?

  • Future plans and retirement: What’s your 5, 10, or even 50-year plan? How do your dreams for the future collide?

  • Children: Do you want them? Do you both want them? How will they reshape your relationship & family?

  • Cultural Differences: How do your different upbringings impact the way you show up in your relationship and in the world?

  • Religion & Spirituality: Your personal beliefs, your shared beliefs, and the roles they play.

  • Friendships: How do your existing friendships fit in with your relationship?

  • Repair Work: Arguments are natural and inevitable. How do you make up after a fight? Does it truly repair the damage done?

What can you expect?

As aforementioned, couples therapy looks different for each couple. However, there are some common attributes to couples work that you can expect to encounter in our work together.

  1. The Prepare and Enrich Assessment - New couples will complete a mandatory premarital / pre-comittment assessment prior to their first session. It will include a customized assessment tailored to you as individuals and as a couple. The assessment will provide me with necessary information about your backgrounds, ideals, areas for growth, and existing strengths. If you could like to see a sample assessment, click HERE.

  2. Developing Rapport. Your therapist will take time to get to you know, both as an individual and as a part of the couple. You’ll be able to ask questions, speak to your concerns, and begin to develop rapport with your therapist. For more infromation about what you can expect during your first meeting with your therapist, please visit our Know This page.

  3. Homework. You can expect to receive “homework” to complete following your sessions. The homework may include exercises to do with your partner, watching informative videos, reading articles, or perhaps something else. A relationship is a full-time commitment, not simply a weekly or bi-weekly task, so much of your work will occur outside of the therapy room.


4 Sessions, Each lasting 60 minutes - $499

6 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes - $699

Fees Includes The Prepare and Enrich Assessment - a $35 value

Sessions are held on Wednesday, Fridays + Weekends based upon AVAILABILITY.

More Information

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