Therapy for Self-Proclaimed Nerds, Geeks, Gamers & Techies

You may have always felt like an outsider, but there’s still an innate human desire to find comfort and companionship. You shouldn’t feel judged for your interests, career, or hobbies, but rather, embrace them as an integral component of your life. However, it can be difficult to find someone who mutually experiences your love of unusual amusement or interests.

Perhaps you’ve tried therapy before, but felt like your counselor just didn’t get you. You’re not alone. Whether you identify as a geek, nerd, gamer, techie, or within another non-mainstream identity, it can be an exhausting experience to comb through the profiles of therapists who seem like they won’t understand you. In order for real therapeutic work to occur, it’s essential that you form a connection with your therapist. At Space Between Counseling Services, we wholeheartedly embrace alternative clients.


Today, many historically “nerdy” hobbies or careers, like computer work, programming and coding, are now very marketable skills in the ever-growing tech industry. Sometimes people become so accustomed to utilizing the right side of their brain, which is used for linear and literal thinking, to analyze problems and use logic to solve them, that they forget to utilize their left brain, which facilitates intuitiveness. It makes sense, especially working in fields like engineering or technology, because there’s not much room for holism or feelings. However, balance can be achieved! Therapy can help ensure you’re able to continue mastering talents stored within the right side of your brain, while cultivating new relational skills utilizing the power of the left side of your brain.

therapy at space between counseling services

While we cannot promise that we will understand every Star Wars reference, that we will never slip up on the rules of D&D, or occasionally misname a Game of Thrones character, we can promise a few other things. At Space Between Counseling Services you can consistently expect to receive:

  • Authentic therapeutic services free from judgement

  • a therapist who is willing to learn about your passions, if we don’t already share them in common.

  • someone to assist you in identifying & establishing new goals

  • someone to hold you accountable to working towards those goals

  • OCCASIONAL witty metaphors and references to scifi content & technology

Meet our self-proclaimed “nerdy therapists”


Susan Stork, LCPC-S, NCC

Although Susan’s early years growing up on a farm may seem distant from today’s technological world, her upbringing sparked interest in animals - specifically birds, personality and genetic variations. Susan’s early exposure to neurotypical and neurodiverse family members helped drive her interest in the two district worlds that make up neurodiversity. Susan is able to provide a unique therapeutic experience thanks to her upbringing combined with her knowledge of counseling skills and neuroscience.

When she’s not working with clients or spending time with her technologically-inclined family, Susan enjoys watching Game of Thrones, enjoying the theater - especially Wicked The Musical, bird watching, kombucha brewing, and fostering interests in astronomy, moon phases, and gemology. Susan also holds an appreciation for technology-related posdcasts and has admired Leo Laporte for over 19 years.

Noelle Benach, LGPC

Noelle has spent countless hours glued to a computer screen throughout her life. She originally taught herself HTML in order to design guild pages for her NeoPets. This passion for web design and gaming stretched throughout her adolescent years as she formatted webpages for Myspace and battled Orcs on World of Warcraft. Today, Noelle still holds a passion for web design and could most likely beat you in a round of Mario Kart.

When she’s not focused on clinical work, Noelle enjoys watching and re-watching Game of Thrones, stargazing and learning about astronomy, reading fantasy novels - especially those written by Neil Gaiman, and listening to podcasts and watching anything that has to do with true crime. She relentlessly pursues random historical facts. Noelle also enjoys attending renaissance festivals, playing board games and card games like King of Tokyo, Sushi Go Party, Dead of Winter, and Wearwolf.