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Treatment specializations include but are not limited to:

Neuroscience + Attachment + Regulation

to treat

Anxiety + Depression + Relationship Issues

A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy®(PACT). PACT was developed out of exciting, cutting-edge research in three areas.

*** Susan is currently the only PACT trained clinician at SBCS's. However, PACT concepts are infused within our Private Practice for all clinicians and all clients and in ALL Supervision hours. 

  1. The first is neuroscience, the study of the human brain. Understanding how the brain works provides a physiological basis for understanding how people act and react within relationships. In a nutshell, some areas of your brain are wired to reduce threat and danger and seek security, while others are geared to establish mutuality and loving connection.

  2. The second is attachment theory, which explains the biological need to bond with others. Experiences in early relationships create a blueprint that informs the sense of safety and security you bring to adult relationships. Insecurities that have been carried through life can wreak havoc for a couple if these issues are not resolved.

  3. The third area is the biology of human arousalmeaning the moment-to-moment ability to manage one’s energy, alertness, and readiness to engage.

Treatment specializations include but are not limited to:

  • Individual Counseling (All SBCS clinicians)

  • Relationship Counseling - Pre-Marital, Transitions, Disconnection, Poor Communication, Infidelity, Infertility & Family of Origin Issues & Blended Family Struggles - PACT (susan) RLT (Marty) + Gottman (Noelle+BRITTANY) 

  • Polyamory and Nonmonogamous Relationships (Consensual & Ethical) -- Open, Non-Monogamous, Poly or Designer Coupleships / Relationships / Pods / Sexual Minorities- PACT (susan) RLT (Marty) + Gottman (Noelle+BRITTANY) 

  • Abandonment Issues (All SBCS clinicians)

  • AttAchment Issues: Wound, Ruptures + LosS (All SBCS clinicians)

  • Aviation Professionals - Individuals / Couples and Families (susan)

  • Brainspotting (Susan

  • Conflict Resolution (All SBCS clinicians)

  • Emotion Regulation (All SBCS clinicians)

  • Emotional Neglect (All SBCS clinicians)

  • Family Counseling (susan + Marty)

  • Grief Counseling (All SBCS clinicians)

  • LGBTQIA - helping clients combat anxiety, depression, discrimination, oppression and/or marginalization, PTSD, trauma + within Relationships.  (All SBCS clinicians)

  • Parenting Support (All SBCS clinicians)

  • Sex Workers (susan)


  • Stress Management (All SBCS clinicians)

  • Trauma-Informed / Nervous System Informed - Private Practice (All SBCS clinicians)

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