Space Between :: White Space = Pause

Happy Saturday. Don't forget to provide #whitespace. After this BLOG post - I am on a whitespace break for the whole weekend. 

:::::: Weekends (especially, summer weekends) are more enjoyable when #busyness isn't on the agenda. All that rush: Go here! Do that! Must do! ::::::

::What is Whitespace? ::
"Whitespace,” or “negative space” is the #spacebetween between elements & events. { It's the white-zones on your calendar OR within your day that is NOT planned but is purposely placed. } 

What does providing whitespace do for you? 
It heals. It connects. It repairs. It creates. It pauses. 
Whitespace is extremely important in maintaining a positive and healthy mental state.
So many times we make ourselves ridiculously busy. We think we have to do everything and get as far as we can. If we provide whitespace. We provide a space for calm, creativity, connection & repair from busyness.

*** Also know as the {space between} hence one of the many reasons my therapy office has the name @space_between_counseling 

Please consider joining me in my "Whitespace Weekend"! If you do, tell me about how YOU felt after your "whitespace weekend" - on Monday 😉✌🏽.