How Does Social Media Impact Self-Image and Self-Efficacy?


Today, we live in a generation where everything is done in the public eye. From our intimate relationships to common norms such as consuming a meal, all have become photo worthy.

Social outlets such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to name a few, allow for a direct view into one’s world. Often, there is a need to maintain a “likeable” image to attract onlookers. In the process of meeting other’s expectations, what happens to one’s self-image? The inner part that can’t be enhanced by a filter yet still seeking expression.

Exploring and recognizing our own inner beauty is important. We so easily give positive regard to celebrities for capturing the right selfie angle or replicating the latest MUA trend. Yet, when is the last time you reminded yourself, “I am beautiful”?

A simple statement, yet one that so many of us forget to acknowledge.



Most people follow at least one celebrity on a social platform. For those who don’t, you have at least been tagged in celebrity posts by a friend of some sort. There is an attraction to the cars, jewelry, and exotic vacations that differs from our day to day life. Often, we can allow these types of posts to become the benchmark for future endeavors or what we physically aspire to be.

A survey completed by 802 Facebook users researched the benefit of untagging from specific postings. Results found untagging is often done by experienced users and can be an easy way to mitigate negative effects of bothersome or influential content.

Social media should be an outlet, a safe space for you to be yourself. Instead of finding inadequacies that differ from others, simply be you. Perhaps you won’t have the same number of followers as Kim Kardashian or the latest fitness gyro, and that’s ok. That neither changes or defines you.

The key to keeping social media fun is using your “filtering skills” in a positive manner. Follow inspirational pages or content that truly speaks to you. Lose the need to compare yourself to what others post. Remember, people often post what they want to be seen. Allow social media to be a stress free environment that allows the funny, quirky, and care-free you to exist.


We analyze ourselves continuously throughout the day; we’re living in an era that model what’s seen which in turn, increases the focus on ourselves.

Instead of viewing yourself from a negative vantage point, take a step back and acknowledge your strengths. Increase your frequency of positive self-talk, compliment yourself on tasks well done. It may sound cliché but give yourself a pat on the back. Positive affirmation can make even the subtle of difference. Studies have linked positive thinking to improved overall self-esteem, motivation, and morale.

Remember, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” - Buddha


Written By: Brittany

Brittany Spencer is a Graduate Student Intern at Space Between Counseling Services. Upon her Graduation from the McDaniel College mental health counseling master’s program in July 2018, Brittany plans to seek licensure as a LGPC. 

Brittany is focused on working with individuals who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, LGBTQIA - related concerns, and life’s transitions.  Using an integrative mixture of therapeutic approaches and an Afrocentric worldview. Brittany assists her clients to develop a stronger sense of autonomy, increased self-esteem, and healthy coping skills within a safe and compassionate environment.

When not working with clients or developing her counseling skills in the classroom, Brittany enjoys spending time with her fiancé, hiking, and going to the gym.  She loves playing basketball, spending time with her niece and nephews, and watching The Voice.

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