How are YOUR Relationships, going?

:: Are you struggling to be heard, understood and/or connected in your relationships? ::

If this feels familiar? Ask yourself... "am I fully available for authentic connection(s) with those I value and love?" 

Fact is: 
Relationships are harder in modern life because "conversations" become texting, arguments become emails and feelings become social media statuses. ::
If this is something you desire to change - small habitual patterns need to be altered.
Start by scheduling face to face time with friends + your loved ones.
If "face to face" is not ideal due to modern day obstacles of space & time --- schedule a phone call that is uninterrupted by distractions, noise, and multitasking. Hold space for this moment of connection. It's amazing what a meaningful conversation can do for our lives, moods, and relationships.
Bottom-line: we're a distracted society that desires more connection. ::
Be the {{Change}} in YOUR connection(S) + Relationship(S).